AGM Minutes

Okehampton District Community Transport Group

Ring & Ride And Community Car Service.  Charity No. 1024617

Minutes Of The 33RD   Annual General Meeting Held On

THURSDAY 20TH  JULY 2023 At 3 pm


Present:   Tony Leech (Chairman),  Sue. Wonnacott  (Manager),   Lyn Evans (Trustee), Sarah Packer (Assistant) , Ann Wood (Volunteer Driver), Tom Bowden (Volunteer Driver), Cllr Julie Yelland, Karen Rose (DCC), Michael & Janet Scutt (Driver), Maureen & Alan Harris, Jean Carter, Christine Gransby, Sally-Ann (OUC)

Apologies: Amanda Jones (Trustee), Graham Harding (Treasurer), Pat Sawyer (Trustee), Tony Robinson (Trustee), John Thorp, Allenton Fisher, Karen Percival, Sylvia Marsh, Brian Wood, Debbie Scott, Jan Goffey.

Tony Leech opened the meeting by welcoming all those present.  He asked whether anyone had any comments on the Minutes of the last Annual general Meeting.  It was proposed by Ann Wood and seconded by Lyn Evans that the minutes be adopted. All in agreement.

Matters Arising: None..

Chairmans Report:

Treasurers Report:

Managers Report:

Adoption of Reports:  Proposed by Julie Yelland and seconded by Ann Wood that all reports should be adopted.  All in agreement.

Election of Officers:  It was proposed by Sarah Packer and seconded by Ann Wood that all Officers should be re-elected as they were willing to stand.   All in agreement.

Any Other Business:  Sue wanted to thank our supporters for the great continued support and the extra donations which had been received this year.

Questionnaire – We recently sent out a questionnaire to all our volunteer drivers, we have had a very positive response, when we have received them all we will be reporting back with the findings.  We are hoping to do a similar questionnaire for our passengers in the near future.

Tom Bowden has a very generous offer to put to us, he would like his property to be managed by ourselves for the rest of his lifetime, allowing him to remain in the property, then on his death for the property to be held in Trust with one or two other charities/bodies to allow them to have the income after management costs.  This will now be discussed fully with the Trustees.

Date of Next AGM:  18th July 2024